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Hello everyone.

As the center of the world shifts to the Global South, one theme is how each Japanese person should interact with these societies and markets.

Currently, I myself am involved in business in about 30 countries and cities every year, and I am not just looking at numbers on paper, but I am also feeling things first-hand through conversations with people on the front lines in those countries, and I am giving this feedback to each client. Masu.

We believe in the "individual power" of presidents and other key players who are at the forefront of taking on challenges, whether they are startups or long-established companies, and believe that each individual has the power to change the world. I believe that.

Company Profile

myPACE Co., Ltd.

6-7-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Representative Career/Work history

Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1986

2008 Passed the Certified Public Accountant Examination

2009: Graduated from Saitama University Faculty of Economics, awarded as an outstanding student

2009 Joined KPMG/Azusa Audit Corporation

・Legal accounting audit/voluntary audit/internal control audit (in charge of 30-40 companies)

・Recruitment/human resources development

2013 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Dispatch to the Union of Myanmar

・Management support for local manufacturer J

2015 Opening of Certified Public Accountant Office Hoshino

・Medium-sized company F

(Factory startup, overseas expansion and marketing, management strategy formulation,

Budget and KPI formulation, MBO system formulation and implementation, etc.)

・Small and medium-sized company E (development and implementation of business succession, inheritance, and tax strategies)

・Small and medium-sized company Y (web marketing, CRM system construction and implementation)

・Startup Company K (loan acquisition, management strategy formulation and operation, marketing implementation)

・Several other companies

2016 Bunka Fashion College Part-time lecturer

2016 HOSHINO opened

・Startup general management

・Trunkshow held at Ginza main store and 30 locations around the world

・Cumulative orders exceeded 11,000 pairs

2023 HGP opening

HGP Representative Director/CPA/Entrepreneur

Shunji Hoshino